TRACE TV at Notting Hill Carnival

TRACE TV and the Notting Hill Carnival

Music TV channel, TRACE, is the first global ecosystem that leverages afro-urban entertainment to connect and empower the new generation and its creators. TRACE collaborates with both emerging and established talents to generate premium afro-urban content. Jean Baptiste Bailly (JB) is an affiliate marketing manager and global partnership manager at music TV channel, TRACE, in London. They needed a two-minute video documentary of the Notting Hill Carnival for their Youtube channel, to broadcast to their broad, global network, featuring filmed interviews, people dancing and experiencing the music, and shots of the food. Their goal was to capture the essence of the Notting Hill Carnival, to enable others to discover the full experience of the carnival and make them want to cross the globe to be a part of it.

The clients

The client

Jean Baptiste Bailly

The creative freelancers

The creative freelancer

George Brown

About filming with George Brown

Jean Baptiste: For this project, we were looking for someone who would not only be able to create a high quality short documentary about the Notting Hill Carnival, but also someone who could handle it, if you know what I mean. It's mad busy, a pure mess, people everywhere, it's really hot: you have camera equipment and have to sneak in the queue and avoid people, and so on. So, I needed someone that could handle stress, that was physically able to film for a few hours during one of the busiest events of the year. And all of that, with a smile.

We received many applications, but chose to work with George, because you could see he was really creative, with all his Instagram content of videos he produced for different artists. He was also really close to our target audience, because of his age and background, so we thought he would be able to represent our vision well. And he did! George Brown, you've been just amazing on this.

"It was an amazing experience. TRACE is a big organisation so I knew the quality would need to be high and carried out with a level of professionalism. The day was a huge success, we got the content we needed and managed to have great fun and enjoy the beauty of carnival at the same time. TRACE loved the final product and we went on to work together on a few other projects and still have a great relationship."

George Brown

What's next for TRACE TV?

TRACE just re-launched in the UK, introducing three new channels, TRACE Urban, TRACE Vault, and TRACE Latina. JB is now working between Paris and London to promote and expand TRACE, including TRACE Play, a streaming platform for urban culture content. JB is also working on personal projects, trying to focus on his own music career. JB is also a French music producer, working under the name of SŌLAL, inspired by House and Caribbean music, strengthened by his experience of the London music scene.

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