LITTLEWINE is on a mission to bring everyday people and traditional winemakers and connoisseurs, together. To prepare for their online launch, co-founders, Daniela and Christina, turned to the SSSHAKE network to get their visual content ready ahead of the big day.

We're proud that our fellow creators didn't only create the content they wanted, but also helped in shaping their brand. Thanks to Samme Snow who was key in shaping their visual identity, Ben whose video trailer received overwhelming feedback, and Philip whose attention to detail brought their video interviews to the next level, "the entire experience has been a joy" for Christina and Daniela.

Take a look at the whole project and discover how each creator brought their sauce to the table to communicate LITTLEWINE's mission.

The clients

The client

Christina Rasmussen
Daniela Pillhofer

The creative freelancers

The creative freelancer

Samme Snow
Ben Seeley
Philipp Von Der Heydt

On illustrations with Samme Snow

Christina: We worked with Samme for all of LITTLEWINE’s brand illustrations - from a series of characters that help to depict “Why LITTLE?,” to an illustrative map of the Beaujolais wine region. The branding was put together last summer, but Samme has definitely helped to evolve that pre-existing brand, because the simple, bright colors and the very simple font that we use was brought to life by his illustrations and a couple of animations that he's done for us as well.

Daniela: Working with Samme is an utter dream; not only is he incredibly talented but he’s also such a lovely person. We have amazing meetups (currently digital) to brainstorm and bounce back and forth on all sorts of wine topics, to see how we can turn them into fun illustrations, that aren’t just beautiful to look at, but also help people to better understand the complexities of wine.

“Having first met them back in November through the SSSHAKE platform, we have since worked closely to create more illustrations for the launch which has been fun and creative. I’m happy to say our working relationship grew to trusting and understanding of one and another; it has been an amazing process working with both Daniela & Christina.”

Samme Snow

On filming with Philipp Von Der Heydt

Christina: We’ve only worked with Philipp on one occasion so far, but we’d definitely consider working with him once we are able to “get out there” again, post-corona madness. Philipp filmed the winemaker interview we did with Guy Breton. Most of us quite liked the idea of bringing in more creative elements into the wine content, so he shot a lot of sort of more fashion focused video. So when we worked together on Guy's video, he was shooting in a very different way to what some other guys we've worked with [do].
Our favourite clip is perhaps one that we have embedded into an article about Wine Vintages, where Guy dives into the challenges that farmers face with global warming and tough vintages. He has a great eye and the filming that he shot provides beautiful cutting imagery.

"I consulted LITTLEWINE about creating authentic interview scenarios, and helped to create a little set up. Then, we filmed the Interview with Guy, which was really interesting, even if I don’t speak any French. But the wine - I tell you, it was pretty amazing. Christina and Daniela are really great to work with, and it’s impressive to see all their knowledge about wine."

Philipp Von Der Heydt

On video editing with Ben Seeley

Christina: The young editing whizz, Ben, now works with us for a lot of our video content. He has curated the LITTLEWINE trailer, which we adore. I really think that music brings that trailer to life, and also the lyrics actually correspond, kind of, to farming. It speaks about soil and land, so that was an amazing surprise for both of us when he showed us the trailer. We were like, wow, this is so cool. And I think that also made us braver in our own music choices for our film content.

Daniela: We didn't imagine a trailer to go that direction, but then his input on the music and also on how we use our digital assets, in that sense, was very, very beneficial to getting our message out there. [The trailer] has been so well received both by wine consumers and by the wine trade, and was the perfect snippet to get people excited about what we do!

"I've been specializing in short-form online content and found a love for online media such as Youtube, Twitch and various other platforms.  For LittleWine, I essentially run the whole post-production side of the videos. Even though I do these tasks by myself I wouldn't be able to give the film the production value it has without Christina's knowledge of the wine industry."

Ben Seeley

How did their launch go?

Daniela: Working with the SSSHAKE network was very positive. Not being from a creative background, we thought: how do we actually get the people we envisioned working with us? How do we actually reach out to them? Having a platform where you can reach out to them at once is a great idea, and a great asset for us that helps us in making sure that we engage with the right talents.

Christina: And I think the general quality and caliber of people that we come across on the platform has been an excellent, and I mean, hopefully as we grow, we can work with more creatives on SSSHAKE. As Daniela mentioned, is it's hard to know where to find the right people. Before we found SSSHAKE, we used to look for illustrators by using Instagram. But then what do you search for? Where do you start? There are other platforms out there but some of them are almost too broad in a sense so you end up having people who are just not the right fits. Whereas I think SSSHAKE really helps narrow down specific categories. It's been a joy, so thank you guys!

What’s next for LITTLEWINE?

It's still just the beginning for LITTLEWINE! They'll be working hard to continue to communicate their mission and spread the word about the places and people behind winemaking. A bottle of wine is not just "opening a tab and pouring out some liquid", for LITTLEWINE founders, Christina and Daniela. They plan to create even more engaging video content around the world, to continue to educate people about the work and attention to detail that goes into the whole winemaking process, from the vineyard to your glass. The hope is to build a community of people who really care for wine, but also care about what's behind the bottle.

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