The values we stand for and the mindset we want to establish within our network

Creatives are building the future

Creativity and imagination are powerful skills that will never be entirely automated. We believe creative minds are changing the world.

Think like a creative, act like an entrepreneur

Choosing your creative skills to make a living should be a proactive decision. As entrepreneurs, creatives should embrace self-promotion, agility and risk.

Educate, connect, protect

We have multiple activities but a single mission: empowering creatives in their quest for a profitable, respectable and flourishing career.

Together we are stronger

Complementary skills and personalities are key. Stop working on your weaknesses. Collaboration is key, and by teaming up, you can focus on your strengths.

Together we thrive

We believe in networking and in the power of numbers. Freelancing can often be a lonely journey and it shouldn't be.

Technology is a superpower

Don't miss out on all the things the internet makes possible: to tell the world about your ideas and your story, to sell your products, etc. Be positive about it!

Life is too short to take yourself seriously

Embrace auto derision, imperfections, and most importantly, the unexpected.