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Select the right creative freelancer for your project

→ See a straightforward overview of all applications

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→ Use filtering tools for an easy selection

→ Ask questions to applicants (coming soon)

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Manage your project from start to finish

→ Chat with your hired creative freelancer

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→ Receive your final invoice and settle your payment (coming soon)

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Tell us a bit about yourself 

→ Add your name and a profile picture: no one likes to work with strangers! 

→ Specify your current city: our project matching system will send you both remote jobs as well as local ones to you

Don't worry, you can change these whenever you want.
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Select the creative services you can offer

→ Add as many roles as you feel define your practice (e.g. Photographer, Filmmaker, etc.) - we know creatives wear many hats

→ Choose the creative services you can offer for each role (e.g. Photographer: Event Photography, Portrait Photography, etc.)

→ Create new roles and services if you can’t find it; our system is entirely user-generated, so you have the flexibility to define your practice the way you want

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Add links to your portfolios

→ Add a link to your website or portfolio

→ Add links to your social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud, Vimeo)

Your SSSHAKE profile is always up-to-date!
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Add some flavour

→ Choose personality questions that you feel add to the understanding of you, your creative aspirations and inspirations

→ Add your own personal twist to your profile

It’s all about personal connection
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Decide which opportunities you want to receive

→ Enable freelance job opportunities: paid jobs, manually approved before you receive it, to ensure that it is thorough and fair

→ Enable collaboration opportunities: unpaid projects with no commercial intent, to enable creatives to work together to expand their skills and develop their practice 

Let us know if you feel an opportunity you receive isn't fair 
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Make it personal

→ Spend some time understanding the brief

→ Write a personal message to your potential client

→ Tell them why you're the best fit for the project based on your experience

Why you over another freelancer
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Show your expertise

→ Make sure you understand your potential client's style references

→ Choose relevant portfolio examples to show your expertise in relation to their expectations 

→ Highlight similar past projects or those with a similar style as the references in your creative brief

Your portfolio links are automatically added
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Decide how much you want to charge for the job 

→ Take into consideration your potential client's indicated budget range

→ Estimate your rate per hour, per day or per project

→ Check your total estimate using our calculator

You're free to quote higher or lower
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Check your preview

→ Review your application to make sure you're properly answering the creative brief

→ Make sure your examples of work are correctly displayed

→ Check that your portfolio links are up-to-date

→ Submit your application!

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