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Our House Rules

We're a community first and foremost, and becoming a member is 100% free of charge. Through your membership you have access to creative resources, all to make freelancing easier and more profitable for all. We do it because we believe in the power of network, and because we want to encourage creativity in every way we can, by nurturing a space that values mutual respect, experimentation and development, and most importantly, creative collaborations across industries. 

When working with someone, it's not just about the end result. It's also about your work ethic and personal connection. So we've come up with a few SSSHAKE House Rules, to make sure the community remains as conducive to creativity as possible. And for that reason, we'll reserve the right to remove access to the community and its benefits to anyone that doesn't acknowledge and respect the following:

1. Treat every member of the community with kindness and respect. Just don't be a prick.

2. Make sure you outline the scope of work in your brief clearly; we manually review every single brief before it’s sent to our community to provide you with guidance, if needed.

3. If we feel the budget is too low for the work required, we'll ask you to edit your project. If you don't, unfortunately we'll have to reject your project.

4. Once you match with a freelancer, your brief represents an agreement. Don’t change it without speaking to them first.

5. Respect creatives' work. Never try to negotiate a freelancer rate for a job.

6. Do not ask freelancers sample work without offering compensation. 

7. Unpaid collaboration opportunities are for creatives only.

8. Answer your messages as quickly as possible. Other people are relying on you.

9. Keep your communications on the SSSHAKE platform so we can help in case anything goes wrong.

10. If you can no longer do the job, please let your client know as soon as possible by cancelling the project.

11. Please leave us feedback. It's essential to make sure we continue to improve the platform.

12. Be honest about your experience and (obviously) only use your own work in your applications.

13. We're all human, so we'll kindly remind you of these rules if you aren’t respecting them. But three strikes and you're out.

14. We, at SSSHAKE, are also human (and a small team) so please be considerate and respectful towards our team.

If you feel anyone has disrespected our House Rules, please let us know.

With love, 

The SSSHAKE team