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Using interaction design to help students build their future.

Tiphaine Bruel
October 3, 2019

Design Your Future with SSSHAKE

We were super excited when UCAS reached out to us regarding their Create Your Future 2019 conference. They told us that they were looking for exhibitors who are able to provide the students with additional content and support throughout their creative courses and careers. Straight up our road, we accepted and started defining what we wanted the students to get from visiting our stand.

After much brainstorming, we decided we wanted to do things a bit differently and instead of just giving out flyers to the students, we wanted them to leave with a takeaway that would help them in the process of building their creative career. As our goal was to make the experience both playful and informative, we built a “design your future” interactive experience out of which people would leave with a takeaway poster where they’ve outlined steps to take in order to reach their dream.

Step 1: get the base and set the basic

Start by picking up the poster where you can write down what you want to achieve.

Step 2: get inspired by our community

Hannah Kromminga, Founder of Silfir and speaker at SSSHAKE Talks

The second part was set up as an exhibition with a “resume” of some of the amazing speakers from our SSSHAKE Talks. We wanted to show to the students that there is no single path to success. By seeing the background and journey of our speakers, we wanted to encourage them to think outside of the box while designing the strategies to reach their goals or pursue the career of their dream.

Step 3: design your strategy

The third part is where they “designed their strategy” and chose from the available props which one fits the best. To make things a little more fun, we designed the props as stickers with a blank space where they can write additional information.

We divided the “prop strategies” into three categories: the network, the work experience, and the portfolio. For each category, we created three props that range from “I NEED TO MEET…” to “I NEED TO INTERN AT…”, etc.

Tiphaine, Amalia and Valentine at UCAS Conference

It was great to talk to the next generation of creators, discuss their dreams and help them think of how they can reach them — once again, thanks a million for inviting us, UCAS!

“Don’t allow yourself to be knocked off track, because what you’re doing is something beautiful. Creativity is a mission in life, it’s not just a job - don’t forget that!”

Julian Borra, Founder of The Thin Air Factory and speaker at SSSHAKE Talks

Download all the materials from “Design Your Future”

Download the base here and the stickers here

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