SSSHAKE is defining a new standard for  creative freelancing

SSSHAKE is defining a new standard for  creative freelancing

We are on a mission to establish the most open, easy-to-use and collaborative marketplace for creativity.

SSSHAKE is on a mission to get creative freelancers working to their fullest creative and commercial potential. We are entirely inclusive, make selecting the right creative need straightforward and cut out unnecessary middleman costs, all to make creative collaboration and freelancing easier and more profitable.

We are defining a new standard for creative freelancing. SSSHAKE is more than just bringing the right creators and projects together. We work as a facilitator to push all projects to reach optimal possibilities by supporting all levels of freelance practices and complimentary projects.

We are a safe and inclusive place that supports established and up-and-coming talents because we believe that everyone should unleash the power of network, regardless of how much money they earn.


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Curious about what we are working on? Check out our roadmap and feel free to share your thoughts on upcoming features and let us know what you want to see coming up next. You can up vote for features you like or would like to see coming up soon and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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